Easter is a special time of year for many families across the world. It’s a time for celebrations, traditions, and time spent together after a long winter season. 

If you’re planning to spend this holiday with loved ones, or with close friends at Sweetwater, you might be looking for fun activities to spread some cheer, share stories, and enjoy a few laughs together.

Arts and crafts allow you to reduce stress, improve your problem-solving skills, and spend some much-needed time away from screens. It’s also a great way to create new memories and add a few decorative pieces to your home’s decor.

5 Easter Crafts for Seniors

In this article, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite Easter craft ideas that are perfect for every age group and skill level.

1.) Rice Krispies Easter Kabobs

Got a sweet tooth? Why not pair this classic marshmallowy treat with some fresh fruit. This idea comes from The Pioneer Woman. 

Instead of cutting your Rice Krispie treats into boring squares, this recipe has you reshape them into small bunnies. And what better pay off for your hard work of making these than a delicious treat to enjoy with loved ones after dinner.

2.) Chocolate Egg Nest Cookies

Speaking of delicious, who said crafts can’t be equal parts decoration and dessert? This idea from Chef in Training offers a fun, easy recipe that you can make on your own or with the grandkids. 

Aside from forming the chocolate basket, the fun part is putting the pieces together with a few jelly beans and edible bunnies. Just try not to munch on these treats before your family gets the chance to see them.

3.) Easter Egg Candle Holders

Everyone loves dying eggs for Easter, but if you find you have a few leftover, why not put them to good use! In this craft idea from Good Housekeeping, you’ll need to crack open a few extra eggs and use their colorful shells as a tea-light holder. 

You can then scatter them across the dinner table to enhance your dining room decor.

4.) Button Eggs

Got a few spare buttons laying around the house? In addition to using extra Easter eggs as candle holders, you can also bring your decorating game to the next level. 

In this craft idea from Country Living, you can hot-glue festive buttons onto freshly dyed Easter eggs and spread them around the home to add more style to your living space. 

5.) Easter Story Stones

Attending church with the whole family on Resurrection Sunday? In this craft idea from Country Living, you can work together with your grandchildren to create Biblical story stones—or prepare them ahead of time to give as thoughtful gifts.

Using paint, a few rocks or stones, and some pencils and paint brushes, create symbols that reflect your favorite stories from The New Testament of the Bible. Once complete, you and your grandkids can retell and share these stories together. 

In addition to being keepsakes, these make great Bible study tools for your grandkids, too! 

Easter Crafts at Primrose

At Sweetwater, our residents are always creating beautiful arts and crafts to share with their grandkids, friends or hang around their apartment homes to celebrate the season!

Check out our Facebook page for fun activities we have going on! 

From everyone at Sweetwater, we wish you a happy, healthy, and safe Easter!