How do you see yourself as you age? Some seniors see themselves as being healthy and active. Others may not have such a positive outlook, and instead, might feel frail and weak. 

Regardless of how you may feel today, there are many fun, easy senior living activities you partake in to help minimize your risk of future illness and improve your overall health and wellness. 

Here are three things you can do at our assisted living facility to help you adjust to your new surroundings!

1. Enjoy Some Playtime

Did you know that “play is the brain’s favorite way of learning” (quote from Diane Ackerman)? It’s true, and doing more of the activities you love can also increase your lifespan, improve your memory, and help battle the negative effects of depression. 

What your playtime consists of is completely up to you—time with grandkids, travel, music, volunteering, learning, etc.—the important thing is that you love what you are doing. 

Retirement communities like Sweetwater provide a care-free atmosphere that makes it easy to engage in these kinds of senior living activities with friends and family on your schedule.

2. Stay Connected

As we age, it is not unusual to see close friends pass away. And oftentimes, their loss, or the loss of a spouse, can leave a void that causes depression and seclusion. Therefore, it is important to stay connected and continue to develop a network of friends that you can spend time with. 

Perhaps that involves joining a senior Bible study at your church, or plugging into your local senior center. Retirement communities like Sweetwater are a great place for residents to connect through fun, engaging senior living activities. It is easy to get to know the person in the apartment next to yours, and there are many different social opportunities available throughout the week, as well. 

3. Be Proactive

Regularly scheduled checkups with your doctor may not be the type of senior living activities you look forward to most in life, but they can help improve—or even save—your life. As we age, we become more prone to certain illnesses and diseases. Being proactive with your health will help you uncover warning signs early on and allow you to take corrective action before there is a problem rather than waiting until there is something wrong.

Discover More Senior Living Activities at Sweetwater

At Sweetwater, part of our mission is to provide a healthy, happy environment for seniors. To find out more about the activities we offer, and events we host, browse our online resources for FAQs, our blog page for tips and other information, and Posts of Positivity for inspirational stories and videos.