Did you know that card games are one of the easiest ways to introduce intergenerational activities into your home or community? 

The reason? Playing cards offer cognitive benefits to children, adults, and seniors, alike. After all, most games require players to use math, categorize and sort cards, memorize sets, and problem-solve—all while having fun together. 

Card playing is also essential for building confidence, reducing stress, and stimulating the brain. And believe it or not, card playing is great for hand-eye coordination and reflexes! 

Most importantly, card games bring people together, regardless of age, reducing feelings of isolation and creating opportunities for socialization and new memories.

So, now that we know the health and wellness benefits of playing cards, let’s dive into a few popular games you can try with friends, neighbors, and loved ones! 

5 Best Family Card Games

In this article, we’re counting down our top 5 favorite family card games that are perfect for any age, skill level, and occasion. All you need is a deck of cards, a pen, and some paper to keep score!

Crazy Eights

Do you love UNO!™? If so, you don’t have to purchase the official game set to enjoy this classic card game. What we like most about Crazy Eights is you can play the game with up to 7 players or a minimum of 2.

Rules of the game

The first player to eliminate all her cards wins! After that, everyone else must count the rest of their cards (face cards = 10 points each and numbered cards = their actual number) and jot down their scores. Then, after however many rounds you choose to play, the person with the lowest score wins. 

Like UNO, the number 8 is your wild card, meaning you can use any 8 (regardless of suit) to change suits at any point during the game. Just remember to get rid of your 8 cards before the round ends because each 8 card = 50 points! 

For a complete list of guidelines, check out this game’s official rules from Bicycle®

Go Fish

Fun for all ages, Go Fish is often a childhood rite of passage. So, if the grandkids are planning to visit soon, invite them to the table and teach them this classic family card game.

Rules of the game

The player with the most 4 of a kind wins this game. The dealer hands out 5 cards to each player and places the remaining deck in the center of the table. Choose who gets to go first, and that person will ask the player to his left if she has a particular rank card (e.g., 3, 4, 5, 6). If the “ask” player has the rank you’re looking for, he or she must give you the card(s). If not, the player will tell you to “go fish.” 

You then need to draw one card from the top of the deck. If you pull the rank you asked for, show it and take another turn. Otherwise, your turn is over. 

For a complete list of rules, watch this helpful video.


For this game, you need an extra item: spoons. Depending on the number of players, you’ll want to include one less spoon on the table. This card game gets a little competitive but will spark tons of laughter and friendly competition.

Rules of the game

As with Go Fish, players are trying to work towards 4 of a kind. Each player is dealt 4 cards, and the dealer puts the remaining deck to the side. The dealer then picks up a card from the deck, adds it to her hand, and discards one of her original cards to the player to her left. The player picks that card up and does the same to the person on his left. 

The first person to get 4 of a kind grabs a spoon from the table, and everyone else must do the same. The person left without a spoon gets his first “S.” If he loses another round, he gets a “P.” Whoever spells out “SPOONS” loses the game. 

For a complete list of rules, check out this article.


That’s right! You don’t need to visit the fairway to enjoy this favorite pastime. The object of this fun family card game is to try to get the lowest score in nine rounds (or holes).

Rules of the game

In each round, the dealer gives players a total of 6 cards. Players will then arrange their cards in 2 rows of 3 cards. Players will then choose two cards to turn face up (these cards must be in a vertical column, so one is on top of the other).

The face-down cards are then placed in the middle of the table, creating a draw pile. Next, turn over one card and place it beside the drawing pile to create a discard pile.

Each player chooses a card from either the draw pile or the discard pile and swaps it for 1 of his 6 cards or discards it. The goal is to eliminate your hand of high cards and shoot for lower cards. 

For a complete list of rules, check out this guide!


Of all the family card games, this one should spark memories! If you’re sitting around the table with younger players, this game can help them practice number comparison. It’s also a lot of fun, regardless of age.

Rules of the game

We saved the simplest one for last. Each player lays down a card from her pile (face down) at the same time. The player with the highest card wins that round, adding both cards to her stack. The goal is to take home all the cards.

For the official rules of the game, see Bicycle’s guide.

Which Card Game Will You Play?

You can play any (or all) of these fun family card games at home or your local community center. And the next time you take the kids to visit grandma or grandpa, have them bring a deck of cards and ask the grandparents which card games they like best!

Likewise, grandparents, why not roll up your sleeves and teach the grandkids your favorite games? 

For more ideas on intergenerational activities, visit our blog for fun, helpful resources!