Sweetwater has a monthly rental rate for all options: villa townhomes, independent living, and assisted living. Assisted living residents have individual plans created for them based on their nursing assessment. These plans will determine their level of care fee.

Long-term care insurance
Long-term care policies often have benefits that can be designated for assisted living care. You or your loved one have likely paid years of premiums for the security these policies offer. Now may be the time to access your policy to help with assisted living costs.

Veterans Benefits
If you are a United States veteran or surviving spouse of a veteran, you may qualify for the Aid and Attendance Program through the VA. If approved, benefits could cover a portion of your assisted living costs. Contact the Veterans Benefit Administration office at 800-827-1000 or go online at for more information.

Renting out your home
This is less conventional, but it has become more popular over the past few years. It allows those who are not ready to sell their home to hold on to it while still generating income by renting it out and using the revenue to help pay for their costs. You may have family or a close friend in mind looking for a home to rent or you can hire a service to manage your home while it is being rented.

Life insurance
Life insurance policies often can be cashed out for a portion of their face value, if needed. With some policies, you can preserve a portion of the benefit for your loved one while still obtaining some proceeds today.

Private funds
Most people will sell their home prior to moving and use those proceeds to help pay for senior living costs. Consider what additional assets you might have and other sources of monthly income. Many families will pool their resources to spread the cost of their loved one’s senior living needs.

*Medicare does not help to cover the costs of Assisted Living.


For suggestions on local realtors, downsizing experts, movers, local VA representatives, or other support resources, please contact the Sales Director at (406) 534-0355.


How did Primrose come into existence 30+ years ago?
Primrose, the parent company of Sweetwater, has a unique story that started in 1989 when Jim Thares developed a vision and a passion based on the lack of purposeful living options available to his Grandpa Andy. This philosophy still guides us to this day. Click HERE to watch The Primrose Story.

What are your lease requirements?
We offer 3-month leases (and month to month thereafter) for all independent Living apartments and townhome villas, and month to month leases for all assisted living and memory care apartments.

How do I reserve an apartment?
A security deposit of $750 will reserve the available apartment of your choice.

What are the differences between independent living, assisted living, and memory care?
While all residents benefit from services such as housekeeping, maintenance, meal options, and access to our life enrichment program and all amenities, there are some distinct differences between independent living and assisted living. While independent living does not include nursing services, assisted living residents have access to nursing assistance with daily tasks such as medication administration, dressing, bathing, etc.

While Sweetwater does not offer a dedicated memory care service, several of our other communities do. Our memory care communities offer a specialized assisted living environment purposefully designed to provide care to those living with dementia or other cognitive impairments. Our staff in memory care receive very specific and ongoing skills and technique training to help our residents maintain purpose and self-worth. Our expectation is not that a resident will adapt to our environment, but rather our approach is to adapt to their reality and to continue to adapt through the progression of dementia.

What is the difference between assisted living and a nursing home?
It is common for families to think they need nursing home care for a loved one, when assisted living may be a better suited option. While there are typically many aesthetic variations between the two such as larger apartments and more upscale design features in assisted living, there are also some care and philosophy differences. Nursing homes typically follow a clinical philosophy where they provide 24/7 medical care for adults who require more complicated, or skilled, services.

Many assisted living communities, such as Sweetwater, combine the philosophy of providing nursing care with the philosophy that social engagement and purposeful opportunities such as volunteering or continued education also contribute greatly to the overall health of our residents. Assisted living at Sweetwater offers varying levels of care so that our services can increase as your needs increase. Sweetwater operates within the specific regulations of that state. While assisted living communities may not be able to provide all the care services that a nursing home can, there are often opportunities to partner with third-party providers to meet these needs within our assisted living environments. Several of our other communities also offer specialized assisted living environments known as memory care communities.


At Sweetwater, one of the things we hold most dear is our culture. That’s why we take hiring new staff so seriously. We don’t just look for someone who can do the job, we are also always looking for the person that will be the best fit within our team and for our residents. That’s why we utilize a hiring process that involves a pre-hire assessment to screen candidates and ask questions that are specifically tailored to each applicant, so we know that we are only getting the best of the best. Then, new hires all undergo a background check and drug testing, to ensure the safety of our residents.

Our mantra is that we can teach someone what to do, but we can’t teach them who to be. After we’ve found the right person, we ensure that they know and fully understand how to do their job. That begins with taking a person-centered approach to their training. In addition to completing online training, employees are guided through their training by other staff who will be working alongside them. Also, on a monthly basis, all staff complete mandatory training courses and discuss how to apply the principles they learn to their work at Sweetwater.