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Moving from your home to an assisted living community is a significant transition that takes time, careful planning and physical work you’ll want help with. It can also be an emotional experience as you sort through a lifetime of memories and meaningful possessions.

“There are professionals in each market who can minimize the stress of a move. While you likely move infrequently, these experts help people move every week. You deserve the support of their expertise,” said Jessi Weldon, Primrose* EVP of Sales & Marketing.

To get you started and help ensure a smooth transition, follow this checklist, courtesy of Sweetwater.

*Primrose Retirement Communities are the parent company of Sweetwater Retirement Community.

Enlist help

Even for the young, moving can be exhausting, so you’re going to need help.

Family or friends may be able to pitch in, but it’s often a good idea to hire a company that specializes in assisting seniors with every aspect of moving, from downsizing and packing to arranging your new apartment so it’s ready for move-in.

Ask your retirement community for trustworthy recommendations and check online reviews as well.

Downsize and organize

Begin as soon as possible. Start by creating a timeline and a realistic schedule, listing exactly what needs to be done each day to get ready for the move.

Use photos and the floor plan of your new apartment to determine what you can and can’t take with you. And ask your community what items are essential and which are not allowed — typically hazards like throw rugs you could trip on or candles that could cause a fire.

Consult with a trustworthy real estate agent about selling your current home and engage an estate sale company for any valuable items you want to sell.

Check out these additional downsizing tips from Sweetwater.

Legal documents and medical information

Get all your important documents in order: medical insurance and social security IDs, will and estate documents, advanced directives and power of attorney.

Sometimes a change in location means you’ll also have to change your doctors and pharmacy. If that’s the case, remember to transfer your prescriptions, insurance information and medical records to your new providers.

Coordinate with your assisted living community so that they have all the documents they need. Let them know, too, about your medications, dosages and when they should be administered.

Utilities, bills and mail

Notify the post office that you’re moving by visiting your local branch or using their online change of address form, which allows you to change your voting information at the same time. And update the address for your credit cards and other bills. You might also want to schedule automatic bill payments, so that you won’t have to worry about due dates and late fees.

At a Sweetwater Retirement Community, utilities and cable TV are all included, so cancel your own when you move. But if you want to keep your landline, you’ll have to arrange it directly with the phone company.

Feeling at home from Day One

Moving to a new home and waking up the next morning in an unfamiliar bedroom can be quite an adjustment at any age. Here’s how to smooth the transition so that from Day One you’ll feel at home.

Before you spend your first night there, have your furniture in place, your artwork hung, your personal mementoes on display and your bed made up with your favorite linens.

Make sure your clothes have been carefully put away in closets and drawers, and your toiletries are placed just where you’ll need them. Have the TV — and don’t forget the remote — all set up so you can relax with your favorite shows that very first evening.

“You’ve made the move and the hard work is done. Now you can enjoy a greater sense of ease and security, the company of others when you want it, and the time to do the things in life you love, thanks to Primrose,” said Amanda Lindner, Primrose EVP of Operations.

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