If you are one of millions across the country who endured a harsh winter season, the warmth and beauty of spring is surely a welcome sight. In fact, the National Institute of Health says that, regardless of age or physical limitations, getting outside and taking in some fresh air and sunshine can improve cognitive function and make you a happier person – so what are you waiting for? Have a ball trying one of these springtime activities!

Take a walk

Physical activity can give you more energy, is great for your heart, and it can help your body combat symptoms of illness. Enjoy the spring scenery of a local nature trail or park, many of which are easy to navigate whether you are walking or in a wheelchair. It feels good and it is good for you – a win-win in anyone’s book!


Get your hands dirty in the garden

Gardening is actually a great form of exercise and a stress-reducer. It can even help make you stronger and increase your endurance. There is something about planting and harvesting your own food that feels good, and anyone can enjoy this popular pastime. There are even raised gardens for people in wheelchairs.

Do some spring cleaning

If your home has a little bit too much clutter, spring is a good time to tidy up. Local Salvation Army or Goodwill stores would welcome your second-hand items, allowing you to enjoy the benefit of having a bit less “stuff” and a bit more room in your home. You can even bring your children in to help and make some new memories together.

Check out your local farmers’ market

Find a recipe for a fresh spring salad and head to the farmers’ market to purchase the ingredients. It will help you to eat healthy, and nothing tastes better than locally grown fruits and vegetables. You may even find some flowers to help adorn your home!

No matter how you enjoy your spring, remember that Sweetwater is here to help answer any senior living-related questions you may have. Feel free to visit us at Sweetwater Retirement Community!