As we age, we experience a greater number of life changes that can affect our health. Whether it is having an “empty nest” for the first time, retirement, the loss of loved ones, or just the physical challenges that can come with aging – it is what we learn from these major life events that is the key to us remaining healthy.

Adjust your hobbies


As you reach your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and beyond, healthy aging involves maintaining an awareness of the physical changes you are going through – and making adjustments accordingly. You will want to continuously adopt new hobbies that make it easier for you to stay active, and you may need to make some adjustments that will allow you to continue enjoying your current hobbies as well.  One of the myths of aging is that it always brings about declining health or disability. While it is true that some illnesses become more common as we age, it is also true that many seniors find it easier to maintain their fitness after retirement than it was when they were working and raising a family.

Don’t ignore your emotions

For some, finding healthy ways to cope with the emotional challenges of aging can be difficult. As we age, the tendency can be to focus on the things we lose rather than being grateful for the things we have. It is important to be in fellowship with other seniors and to acknowledge your feelings and share them with your friends and loved ones. It is also important to your emotional health to accept the things you can’t control and, instead, focus on the things you can.  Some find that their limitations are mitigated by moving to a retirement community. They are surrounded by their peers and provided with great dining options and spacious living arrangements. Assistance is available for those who need it and, oftentimes, physical and emotional health improves dramatically in these settings.

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