Trying to find the perfect gift items for loved ones is hard enough. Now, pair this with parents or grandparents who are trying to downsize their homes, and this annual task becomes a whole new challenge.

Whether your loved ones are in the process of downsizing, or maybe they’ve already relocated to a retirement community, the last thing you want to do is give them more “stuff” they don’t need or have room for. 

Ultimate Christmas Gift List for Seniors

In honor of the upcoming Christmas and holiday season, we’ve compiled a list of gift ideas to bring joy to those hard-to-shop-for parents on your wishlist.

Christmas Gifts for Parents

If you’ve ever asked your parents what they want for Christmas, you might be met with responses like “world peace,” or “I just want my family happy.” Yes, those are wonderful gift ideas we all hope for, but you can still find something that’s personal, thoughtful, and will make THEM happy this Christmas season.

Though it’s a great feeling to know our parents have everything they need, here are a few gift ideas they may want—and not even know it!  

LED Smart Lights

If your parents already have an Alexa or Google Nest, why not help them take full advantage of their smart-home technology! LED smart lights, like the ones from LIFX, go behind changing colors in each room. Featuring voice and app control, your parents can change their home’s lighting by mood, theme, or desired vibes. They even have themes to help you sleep, focus, or just relax and meditate.

These lights are more energy efficient than standard bulbs and are easy to install—though you might want to plan a trip to help your parents install them and set up the app. That way, they’re ready to play around with the lighting and find the perfect shade that suits their mood.

Housekeeping Service

Yes, that’s right! If you want to give mom and dad some much needed R&R, why not consider hiring a house cleaning crew to provide a single, or monthly, thorough cleaning of their home. 

There are many reputable cleaning companies around the country that offer a la carte services, monthly cleaning retainers, and so on.

Wine Subscription

If your parents like to pair dinner with their favorite vino, a wine subscription is a thoughtful, and affordable, gift idea that they’ll look forward to receiving each month. This article in Food & Wine provides a helpful breakdown on how to choose the right subscription company based on your parents’ preferences and palates. 

If your parents are more into the craft beer scene, you can also sign them up for a beer of the month club and customize their order based on the styles and flavors they like.

Christmas Gifts for Grandparents

Finding the perfect gift for grandma and grandpa might be even more of an obstacle, but have no fear! We have a list of fun, creative gift ideas for them, too.

Flowers for a Year

Looking for creative gifts for grandma? Flowers for a year programs are a fail-proof option. You can choose between 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions and expect a “thank you” text—with photo included—from grandma each month when her new bouquet arrives! 

There are many subscriptions available to choose from, including Bachman’s or Bloombox. Though other brands will allow you to choose your flower options, these companies send flowers based on seasonality—all of which are from local gardeners in your area, too. This means it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, your loved ones will always be greeted with a wonderful surprise when their flowers arrive!

Fitness Trackers

These are great gifts for grandpa or grandma—or both. We all know working out isn’t fun without a partner. You can equip your grandparents with a Fitbit tracker and help them join your community. 

Working together, you can each challenge one another with daily step counts, send fun messages and brag about badges, or encourage one another to stay active. These devices also help track heart rate, water intake, daily calories, and sleep. 

FitBit recently introduced a new “readiness” feature that lets you know when it’s time to get up and move, as well.

We all know staying active as we age is essential! This gift idea is a great way to start the New Year off on the right foot.

Audiobook Subscription

Who doesn’t love reading a good book? And if your grandparents claim they don’t have time, audiobooks have them covered. Brands like Audible and Scribd offer gift cards you can purchase and send instantly, which will allow your grandparents to set up an account and start listening in seconds. 

They’ll have the option of browsing through bestsellers and hidden gems, podcasts, and so much more! And if they want to tune out the noise, they can switch from audio to text on their smartphone, tablet, or desktop. 

Follow up gifts for grandma and grandpa: In addition to an audiobook subscription, consider adding earbuds to the list. Apple, Sony, Bose, and Samsung offer affordable earbud options that feature noise-cancelling technology and allow your grandparents to tune in wirelessly, so they can work around the house or yard while they listen. 

These gift ideas offer fun, affordable ways to show how much you care—without taking up any storage space.

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