We all love the comfort of our homes, but if your home is starting to feel more like an obstacle course, you might start to see it as less of a warm, inviting space and more of a tripping hazard.

There are many reasons why people fall at home: 

  • It may be as simple as picking up an object from the floor, which causes you to lose your balance and fall forward. 
  • It may be you trying to reach for something on a top shelf and while standing on your toes, you lose control and slip. The same can happen if you’re reaching for an item on a bottom shelf and your knees give out. 
  • It may also be that beautiful throw rug that, if you’re not careful, gets tangled around your feet, causing you or even guests to slip and get injured.

Why is Preventing Falls Important? 

As we age, our reflexes and sense of balance decreases; we also lose muscle mass and our bones become more fragile. Let’s admit it; we don’t bounce back like we used to, which means even the smallest fall can increase our risk for fractures and head injuries. 

But there are some simple ways you can decrease the chances of falling at home:

Rearrange Your Furniture 

Having a clear pathway can help reduce your chances of falling. And remember those throw rugs we mentioned earlier? This would be a good time to donate them, as well. Though they add sophisticated style to your living space, they’re more trouble than they’re worth. Of course, before you start moving furniture at home, be sure to call a loved one or friend to give you a hand.

Keep Items at an Arm’s Reach

You’ll want to make a list of household items you use regularly and designate places throughout the house, where you can store them so that they’re always within arm’s reach. Try to aim for waist-high level, too. This way, you don’t need to worry about bending over to reach under the couch for items or having to use a chair to grab plates that might be up on a top shelf. Save those places for belongings you only use on holidays and special occasions, when you know loved ones will be visiting and can grab these items for you. 

Wear Non-Slip Footwear 

Investing in quality non-slip footwear is a must! Sometimes, our kitchen floors get wet from doing the dishes, or our bathrooms become slippery after a shower. Remember to wear non-slip footwear around the house to reduce your chances of slipping. 

Sit Down to Dress Yourself

Gone are the days when you need to perform that one-legged dance while trying to put on a pair of pants. Instead, sit down on your bed or in a comfy chair to dress yourself. 

Take Your Time

Many of us are often in a rush, even when we’re just doing chores around the house. You might be used to running around from one room to the next. Just remember to take it slow and be intentional when you travel from room to room. Often, our thoughts have captured our concentration, so we mindlessly walk around, increasing our chances of tripping and getting hurt. Take it slow and watch where you’re headed. 

These tips will not only protect you while at home, but they will also help you make your home safe for other older adults who stop in for a friendly visit. 

Looking for More Comfort & Peace of Mind?

At Sweetwater, we make it our mission to empower residents to choose their schedules and live independently without the burden of household maintenance chores that can cause falls or tripping hazards. 

And at every retirement community, each resident is treated like family and given the privacy, amenities, and 24/7 support he or she needs to enjoy a fun, safe and carefree lifestyle. We know you’ll love calling Sweetwater your new home, and we can’t wait to get to know you better!

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