Is there anything better than sitting outside on a warm summer day, basking under the sun with a good book in hand? We certainly don’t think so. And if the weather does get too hot outside, you can always come back in to cool down on the couch and once again immerse yourself in a great story. 

If you’re an avid reader, you know how thrilling it is to escape to a new world and follow the lives of fictional characters, or discover incredible events that helped shape our history.

No matter the genre, reading offers a relaxing, enjoyable experience. But when you make it a regular part of your routine, it can provide a few essential health benefits, too.

Daily reading can help:

  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Help slow down, or even prevent, cognitive decline
  • Improve sleeping patterns
  • Enhance social skills
  • Boost vocabulary and intelligence

Think of your brain as a muscle that needs to be exercised regularly in order to achieve optimal performance. Reading regularly provides the type of exercise our brains need to thrive.

So, whether you’re a bookworm—or just getting back into the habit of reading this summer—take some time each day to switch off your smart devices and crack open a good book—unless, of course, you’re using a tablet to read.

Starting a Senior Book Club?

When you do find a good story, it’s often hard to keep it yourself, hence why senior book clubs are a popular trend among retirement communities around the country, including at Sweetwater.

Therefore, if you’re planning the itinerary for a book club in your community, or you’re just looking for titles to add to your personal library, we have a few goodies to help kickstart your summer reading list.

Best Books for Seniors Who Like Fiction

Below you’ll find a fun mix of historical fiction, thrillers, mysteries, and more!

For more book club favorites, be sure to review recommendations from Goodreads for additional ideas!

Best Books for Seniors Who Like Autobiographies

For more ideas to add to your book club list, check out this article from Reader’s Digest.

Best Books for Seniors Who Like the Classics

Just in case you’re looking to read (or reread) a few timeless tales this summer, here are some classics we recommend:

Want more ideas? Check out the complete list of Barnes and Noble classics for more must-read titles.

What’s On Your Summer Reading List?

Do you have a favorite book that you’d like to recommend? Let us know by leaving a comment below or on our Facebook page.

At Sweetwater, we offer exciting opportunities to start your own book club, or join an existing one in your retirement community. This way you can share your love of literature with friends and neighbors, build lasting friendships, and discover new authors—all right in your own community. 

You’ll also be able to find exciting weekly events to help you stay active and make the most of the summer ahead. 

To learn more about living at Sweetwater, contact us to schedule an in-person or virtual tour today!