For many seniors, the idea of moving into a retirement community conjures up negative emotions. Thoughts of cold, sterile environments, a disturbing lack of privacy, deep loneliness, fear of not being accepted or loss of independence may cause you to feel anxious or fearful. But these are all misconceptions of what modern senior living is really all about.  

In fact, most of the fears surrounding the world of senior living are inaccurate.

Redefining Senior Living

In recent years, baby boomers have helped to re-shape the definition of senior living. They have also been largely responsible for the dismantling of these negative stereotypes. In their place, we now have an array of modern options in independent living, assisted living and memory care. All of which offer seniors an exciting lifestyle tailored to their unique emotional and physical needs, as well as their personal hobbies and interests.

Many people who want to learn more about our senior living retirement community often ask us a similar question: what is the difference between independent living and assisted living?  

Independent Living

Seniors who may not require an extra hand to perform daily activities, such as cleaning, cooking or doing laundry, can still enjoy living in a community that removes those mundane chores from their schedules. This actually frees up more time for them to focus on what they want to do vs. what needs to be done around the house. 

In addition, our seniors are in close proximity to all the conveniences and amenities they need, including an onsite chapel, onsite dining options, library, wellness center, pub, theater, salon, and so much more! 

Assisted Living

For those who do need a helping hand with taking medicine, dressing, bathing or other essential tasks, they get to enjoy the comfort of 24/7 nursing support with the added bonus of their own private apartment. It’s true. At Sweetwater, our assisted living apartments offer the best of both worlds: round-the-clock care options paired with amazing amenities around every corner. This means you never need to worry about giving up your personal freedom when you move to one of our retirement communities.

Is independent living the same as assisted living? At Sweetwater, no matter what type of living you choose, you enjoy the same access to events and amenities and a private apartment to return home to every evening. 

Though there are many benefits to moving to a senior living community like Sweetwater, you or your loved one may still be dealing with fear or anxiety. To help you feel confident about your decisions to move to Sweetwater, let’s shed some truth on these common misconceptions.

Fear One: I Will Lose My Independence

As we mentioned above, moving to Sweetwatermeans you don’t need to worry about losing your autonomy. Though you will receive extra support, if you are in need of assisted living care, the goal is really to remove these responsibilities off your shoulders. This means you can focus on your overall health and have more time to do the things you want to do–resulting in a greater level of independence.

Fear Two: I Will Run Out of Money

Senior living can seem financially overwhelming. With some solid financial planning, however, and a little help from Social Security or Veterans Administration benefits, senior living can oftentimes cost the same as living at home.  

In fact, if you figure in things like lawn care, home repair, mortgage payments, insurance, utilities, cable TV, etc…it may cost less! Rest assured, though, if there does come a time where a move becomes a necessity–either for financial or physical reasons–Sweetwater will work with you proactively to help you find an alternative solution and make the transition smooth and hassle-free.

Fear Three: I’m Afraid I Won’t be Accepted

It can be hard to move away from what is familiar. We all develop a sense of comfort that comes with living in the same home, on the same street, with the same neighbors for so many years.  The thought of changing your surroundings and getting comfortable living in a new community full of people you may not know can be intimidating.  

One thing to remember, though, is that most of our residents experienced that same fear when they first moved to Sweetwater. What they quickly discovered, and what you will discover, too, is there are so many opportunities to socialize and engage in activities with people who share your interests. We promise you’ll begin to develop friendships almost immediately.  

Whether it be worship, group outings, travel clubs, community service opportunities, book clubs, gardening groups etc…there truly is something for everyone to enjoy at Primrose.

Fear Four: I Am Not Old Enough or Sick Enough to Come to Sweetwater

As we age, and as our friends pass away or relocate, we can tend to stay at home and become increasingly isolated from others. Loneliness often creeps in, followed by depression and a decline in health.

By contrast, the supportive, community-oriented atmosphere at Sweetwater provides greater social contact and an outlet for creative energy. Our residents often say that they wish they had moved here sooner because they have so much fun living a worry-free lifestyle where they can do as they please, when they please, without the responsibility of home-ownership.  

They chose Sweetwater to begin a new chapter in their lives–one full of new friends, new experiences and new opportunities–and we hope you will, too!

Fear Five: What If My Health Needs Change While I’m Living at Sweetwater?

At Sweetwater, each individual is provided with assistance, according to his or her unique needs. And as health needs change, we change right along with them, which helps make it possible for you to enjoy living in our communities longer.

Though it happens very infrequently, if your health needs become more advanced than we can accommodate, we’ll consider all third–party options. Our goal is for you to remain in the comfort of your assisted living home and still receive the care you need.

Interested in Learning More about Sweetwater?

If you’d like to set up a tour of our community, please connect with us to schedule a time for a visit. We look forward to answering all your questions and helping you put your mind at ease when making your decision!